Know Them Before You Raise Capital In India


Are you dreaming to raise capital in India for your newly-started business? If yes, it is indeed a wise decision as the startup ecosystem in India has already started grabbing the attention of local and global investors with its ocean of talent and innovative ideas. If your idea has the potential to form the base for a huge revenue, you can easily find investors peeping from here and there.

When it comes to capital raising, there is simply no substitute to networking – in fact, consistent networking. Hoping that you are already doing your best in that sphere, we are here with a list of some of the top venture capital firms in India about whom you must gather some basic knowledge so that you can save your precious time by chasing the right investor.

Venture Capital Firms In India

Blume Ventures

Founders: Karthik Reddy, Sanjay Nath
Industry Mobile, Internet
Seed and early stage investments
Fund size $ 50K – $ 250K

Sequoia Capital

Founder – Don Valentine
Industry – Healthcare, Energy, Enterprise, Financial, Mobile and Internet.
Seed, early and later stage financing
Fund size – 1M – 100M

Inventus Capital Partners

Headquarter – Menlo Park, CA
Industry – Finance, Mobile, Advertising.
Seed, early and later stage financing
Investment size – $ 0.25M – $ 10M

IDG Ventures

Founders – Sudhir Sethi, Manik Arora, TC Meenakshisundaram
Industry – Software, Security, E commerce
Seed, early and later stage financing
Investment size – $ 1M – $ 10M

Steadview Capital

Headquarter – Hong Kong
Industry – E commerce
Early and later stage investments

Warburg Pincus

Headquarter – New York, NY
Seed, early, later stage and PE investments.
Industry – Biotechnology, Ecommerce, Software

SAIF Partners

Headquarter – Hong Kong
Seed, early, later stage and PE investments
Industry – E commerce, Advertising, Software

Axon Partners Group

Headquarter – Madrid
Seed, early and later stage investments.
Industry – Security, Games and Software

Ascent Capital Advisors

Investment size – $ 10M – $ 30M
Early stage investments
Industry – Infrastructure, Healthcare, Technology, E commerce, Financial Services.

Bain Capital Private Equity

Investment size  – $ 5M – $ 1B
Early and later stage financing.
Industry – Energy, Technology, Media, Telecom, Financial and Business Services, Consumer, Healthcare.


Investment size – INR 1 to 5 crore
Makes early stage financings
Sectors – Telecommunication, Internet, Mobile, Media, Consumer, Retail, Technology.

Unitus Seed Fund

Investment size – INR 50 lacs to INR 1 crore
Makes Seed stage financing.
Sectors – Agriculture, Healthcare, Mobile commerce, Retail and Distribution, Water and Energy, Education.


There you go. The above list of investors should give you a fair knowledge of some of the most active VCs eyeing the Indian startup industry across various stages of development in various sectors. So depending on your suitability, you can target the right investor and start chasing them diligently across various platforms like social media, forums and other intelligent networks such as Merger Alpha.

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