Thinking How To Raise Venture Capital In India? Check Out These VC Firms


Raising a business in India is a great challenge along with excitement. An an entrepreneur you need to devote a significant amount of time in accumulating all the resources that can ultimately help you get started. Needless to say, the most crucial of all is the capital which determines the successful execution of your unique idea. Even the best of entrepreneurs get access to their potential investors after months of efforts in building their capital raising campaigns. If you too are wondering how to raise capital in India, the venture capital industry definitely has a lot of scope these days.

Today, there are large numbers of local and global VC firms operating from various cities in India bringing up ample opportunities for entrepreneurs like you to fulfil your innovative dreams. If your product or service has great potential, it won’t be very difficult for you to attract these investors to offer you the much-needed capital.

Top Venture Capital Firms In India

  1. Canaan Partners – New Delhi

Industry – Healthcare, Biotech, Software. Offers seed, early, later stage VC investments, Private equity and Debt financing.

  1. Band Of Angels – Mumbai

Industry – Software, Healthcare and others. Offers seed, early and later stage investments.

  1. Bessemer Venture Partners – Mumbai

Industry – Mobile, Software and Enterprise Software. Makes seed, early and later stage VC financing.

  1. Accel Partners – Bangalore

Industry – Cloud Enabled Services, Mobile Software, Internet and Consumer Services and Infrastructure.

Makes growth stage investment.

  1. Helion Ventures – Gurgaon and Bangalore

Industry – Outsourcing, Enterprise Software, Mobility, E-commerce and Online Services. Offers early to growth stage investments.

  1. Light Speed Venture Partners – New Delhi

Industry – Software, Enterprise Software and Mobile.

Offers Seed, early and later stage vc financing, Private equity, Debt financing and Grants.

  1. Matrix Partners – Mumbai

Industry – Software, Enterprise Software, Mobile, etc. Makes seed and early stage investments.

  1. New Enterprise Associates – Bangalore

Industry – Mobile, Software and Biotech. Offers seed, early and later stage investments, Private equity and Debt financing.

  1. Jumpstart Ventures – Bangalore

Industry – Internet, Software and E-commerce. Offers early and later stage, Debt financing.

  1. Nexus India Capital – Mumbai

Industry – SAAS, Business Consumer Services, Mobile, Consumer Internet, etc. Makes seed, early and later stage investments.


Ideally, you should try the other options before raising venture capital as it will make it much easier for you to convince one or more investors at a time. Try to be your own investor first which is a great advantage in capital raising as it shows your confidence in your idea. At least 10 to 25 percent of the initial investment from your personal savings can attract many venture capitalists so it is worth spending it.

For more information on how to raise capital in India, feel free to visit Merger Alpha.


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