Raise Capital In India From These Active Venture Capital Firms

Venture Capital Raising In India

Capital is the most crucial element of a business as all other elements are dependent on it. If you are planning to raise capital in India for your dream startup, you are in the right place. Here is a list of some of the most active venture capital firms in India. It includes the names of both local and global investors that have played pivotal role in the success of many startups such as Flipkart.

So which all funding options have you tried till now? If you have an existing investor for your business, it will be much easier for you to convince a VC now. Venture capitalists, typically, prefer to invest in startups that already have investors chasing them. This gives a sense of security no matter how desperately they want to invest in risky startups.

Raise Capital In India

Choose From These Investors To Raise Venture Capital In India

Matrix Partners

● Location – Mumbai
● Industry – E commerce, Mobile, Software, Enterprise Software, Financial Tech and SAAS.
● Investment – seed and early stage.

Jumpstart Ventures

● Location – Bangalore
● Industry – Internet, E commerce and Software.
● Investment – early, later stage and Debt financing.

Light Speed Venture Partners

● Location – New Delhi
● Industry – Software, Enterprise Software and Mobile.
● Investment – seed, early, later stage investments, Private Equity, Debt Financing and Grants.

Bessemer Venture Partners

● Location – Mumbai
● Industry – Mobile, Software, Enterprise Software.
● Investment – seed, early and later, Private Equity and Debt Financing.

Battery Ventures

● Location – Mumbai
● Industry – Software, Analytics and Enterprise Software.
● Investment – seed, early, later stage, Private Equity and Debt Financing.

Canaan Partners

● Location – New Delhi
● Industry – Biotech, Software and Healthcare.
● Investment – seed, early and later stage investments along with Private Equity and Debt Financing.

Accel Partners

● Location – Bangalore
● Industry – Infrastructure, Internet and Consumer Services, Cloud Enabled Services and Mobile Software.
● Investment – growth stage investments.

Band of Angels

● Location – Mumbai
● Industry – Healthcare, Wellness and Software.
● Investment – seed, early and later stage investments.

New Enterprise Associate

● Location – Bangalore
● Industry – Looks for startups dealing in Mobile, Biotech and Software.
● Investment – Seed, early, later phase, Private Equity and Debt Financing.

Helion Venture

● Location – Gurgaon and Bangalore
● Industry – Mobility, Online Services, E commerce, Enterprise Software, etc.
● Investment – early to mid-stage.


These investors in India differ in their choice of industry and time of investment. So it is best to find a suitable investor who is interested in your industry as well as the stage of your startup. However, the suitability along will not be enough to get you the capital. You must have a complete package of tools that make a startup look attractive to an investor. Some of the vital tools include an innovative idea, a great team, a scalable business model, a strong value proposition, a working model of your plan, etc.

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Good luck!


Thinking How To Raise Venture Capital In India? Avoid These Mistakes

Raise Venture Capital In India With Perfection

Are you thinking how to raise capital in India? Oh wait! Is that venture capital you are looking for? Great! Indian VC industry is expanding fast! But the mighty investors are a tough nut to crack. Yes, we are talking about venture capitalists who can push your business to successful heights only if you show them the potential. They are helpful and extremely generous but only when you tell them about a billion dollar idea. One wrong move and they are miles away from you.

No worries, you can always learn from your mistakes. But it is wiser to learn from mistakes that other people make so that you do not repeat it. Sounds reasonable, right?

Learn about these common mistakes that entrepreneurs often make while raising venture capital. If you really have a billion dollar idea, it is worth reading them to avoid any loophole.

raise capital idea
Mistakes That You Must Avoid To Attract Venture Capital In India

1. No Clear Strategy

You need to have an objective in mind and to fulfill that you need a clear strategy. Remember, a business cannot survive without a successful strategy. Your first pitch should speak about that in front of the investors so that they give you some credibility. Having a definite mission and vision is critical for any entrepreneur to prove the authenticity of the business. You must know the milestones you need to achieve and what you need to reach there.

2. Chasing The Wrong Investor

As a first-time entrepreneur, you must value each second of your life. Make sure you choose you investor carefully and then start chasing or else, it will only be a waste of time, money and energy – your assets. Visit the investors’ website and gather information about them. Know which sectors they are interested in or which stage of development they look for. Are they local or global? Know about some of their portfolio companies as well. Once the research is over, look for an opportunity to meet a suitable investor.

3. Wrong Timing

There are many investors interested in high-potential seed stage startups. However, you must not overlook the importance of other funding sources like business incubators, crowdfunding, angel investors and others. Remembers, venture capitalists are more inclined towards businesses that have already raised capital earlier or have existing investors. They consider them more reliable so if possible, you must try out the other options as well. By the time you reach the growth stage, it will be much easier for you to attract venture capital.

4. Wrong Approach

The way you approach an investor can significantly influence their decision. Avoid making cold calls or sending casual emails. Instead, look for a strong referral as this is a well known approach that investors have long been responding to. Boost your social and professional networks, meet new people, talk to them about your business and fund raising campaign. You never know who, someday, introduces you to the right VC.


Avoid these mistakes you will be in a much better and desirable position. For more information on how to raise capital in India, feel free to visit http://mergeralpha.com.

Happy fundraising!